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1 Cover Page,
1GB storage

A beautiful free cover scrolling page. Lightning fast hosting with domain name.

$25 / month

Pay as you go - Cancel anytime

You only pay for hosting, maintenance and backups.

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1 Site, 4 pages,
2GB storage

A modern website including premium theme & plugins. 3 free review iterations. Setup and server security. Lightning fast hosting with a custom domain and Google Analytics integration.

$49 / month

Pay as you go (2 years)

Pay once, forever yours. $705 (40% off)

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1 CMS site, 8 pages,
4GB storage

All professional features including a dedicated designer to help you with premium content sections in a CMS/E-commerce installation (WordPress). Unlimited iteration reviews for 1 month. Premium support and backups.

$99 / month

Pay as you go (2 years)

Pay once, forever yours. $1425 (40% off)

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Beespoke Plans
For specific requirements or to order additional services, get in touch and we'll tailor a Beespoke solution to suit your business.
1. What is the difference between Be-Cover and Be-Pro plans?
Be-Cover Plan includes ONE beautiful HTML site and eveything else you need to get your site up and running in less than 72 hours. Be-Pro and Be-Happy plans incude a CMS setup for you to manage content - the design of templates for your posts, porfolios, galleries, about us, contact forms or any other specific content pages you need.
2. Is it possible to assign my domain to a website?
All Beespoke plans include a standard domain (.com or similar). We will take care of all DNS and server configurations. If you already own a domain, your account manager will walk you through exact details on how to assign the domain to our servers manually without extra cost.
3. Can I "export" my site to another server? What if I already have my own hosting?
Hosting is included in all our monthly plans. At the end of the lease you can delete or move your site without cost. If you are not interested in WaaS (Website as a Service) lease or want to host the site on your own server, select the 'pay once' option. We will delivery the code or install the site on your own server without extra cost. Our 'pay once' price has already discounted the cost of hosting.
4. What happens if I don't renew my subscription?
If you decide to renew a new WaaS lease you will get a full new design and code update of your site with all the perks. If you are not interested in design and code updates, you can choose to pay for hosting, maintenance and backups only. If you decide not to renew your subscription we will put your site offline but keep you data on the server for 60 days in case you change your mind, need to make a backup or transfer to another server. After that period, your site will be deleted.
5. What is the difference bewteen an HTML site and CMS?
A static HTML website requires knowledge of HTML/CSS and ftp access to a server to make content changes. Each time you need to update text, images, pages, you will need to edit the code directly. A static HTML site may be all you need for your business information or personal site. If you are planning to have several pages (portfolios, blog, news, galleries, etc) that require constant updates and dynamic content you will need to use a Content Management System (CMS) to manage your content.

Both our Be-Pro and Be-Happy Plans include a Wordpress CMS setup and Premium Theme to make your content easier to manage and build on if you need to add extra functionality.
6. What about Analytics, SEO, search engines indexing and Social Media integration?
All Beespoke sites are SEO friendly and come with Social Media and Google Analytics integration by default. In addition, you can improve the search results using the lates SEO plugins installed on all our sites.
7. Can you explain in detail how your plans work?
Beespoke aims to keep our pricing and options as affordable and flexible as possible. If you lease a WaaS Plan for 2 years, you have an option to pay the outstanding amount at any time and still receive the original discount as if you were paying once. As an example in our Be-Pro Plan:

  • By choosing the 'pay once' option, you benefit from a 40% discount compared to paying monthly.

  • By choosing a 'Be-Pro Plan' you will pay monthly for 24 months. Once you complete the payment, you can renew the lease or choose another plan.

  • If you are paying a monthly plan and want to switch to 'pay once' you can receive a 40% discount on the remaining balance. This way you always benefit from the fairest and cheapest price according to your budget.

  • 8. Do I receive all server backups, hosting and maintenance for 24 months if I choose the 'pay once' option?
    Absolutely. You will get the same coverage, service and support whatever the payment option you choose. We introduced Website as a Service (WaaS) options to help individuals, small businesses and startups get a website running without having to make large upfront payments.
    9. What happens if I cancel my subscription?
    If you are on a Be-Cover Plan you can cancel at any time. You just need to let us know before the start of the next billing month and we will cancel your subscription. No cancellation fees.

    If you are paying monthly on a Be-Pro or Be-Happy Plan, you need to let us know before the start of the next billing month and we will calculate the remaining amount due for the design and coding. We won't charge you any cancellation fees, nor charge you for services you won't be using after cancellation i.e. hosting, security, backups and updates.
    10. Do I have to pay for content or design changes on my site?
    The number of free iterations provided by Beespoke depends on your plan. On a Be-Pro plan Beespoke provides 3 revisions within 14 days of purchase. On a Be-Happy plan Beespoke provides unlimited revisions within 30 days of purchase.

    There is no limitation for content updates or changes you want to make in your site by yourself. If you are running a CMS you will have full access to the the admin dashboard to update your content. If you want Beespoke to update your content please contact us and we will find an affordable option that suit your needs.